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magic cushion I


handmade meditation cushion / seat cushion

single piece
height: 10 cm
diameter: 35 cm
filled with spelt husk

Sold out!


Our magical cushions will take your meditation experience or comfortable sitting to a new level! Not only do they provide optimal comfort and support, they also offer an mesmerizing visual experience.

On the surface of the pillow you’ll find a stunning embroidered design that will enchant your senses. But that’s not all – our embroidery designs have a secret surprise. Under black light, they glow in vivid colours and create a fascinating, mystical atmosphere in your home. On the side, the pillow has our own unique fabric design whereas the underside has been made with a patchwork design. The natural and sustainable filling of our pillow consists of high-quality spelt husk, which perfectly adapts to your body shape and at the same time offers sufficient support. With the practical zip in the inner pillow, you can easily adjust the filling to achieve the optimum height and firmness.

Dive into the world of our handmade magical pillows and experience the comfort, style and sustainability of our creations combined in one product. Each cushion is unique and individual work of art, which tells its own story while providing you with a supportive and comfortable seat.

In case the colours of the embroidery design do not match your preferences, we can make a new cushion especially for you with your favourite colours. Just write us!