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big aya I


handmade object with embroidery

single piece
long side: 60 cm
short side: 31 cm
filled with cotton wool

Sold out!

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Big aya – the powerful flagship of the extraordinary aya species. With its mystical, unusual and yet familiar shape, it combines the characteristics of an enchanting creature and a unique art object. Big aya is the perfect designer object, a great toy and an impressive decoration for any room. In addition, it can also be used as a comfortable backrest.

The two sides of big aya feature a symmetrical, psychedelic embroidery motif in bright neon colours that comes to life in the black light. This captivating pattern fascinates with its detailed beauty and creates a magical atmosphere. The third side of big aya consists of an artistic patchwork of fabric scraps from our own fabric design collection. With its generous size and comfortable filling, big aya also offers ideal support for the back.

Whether as a stunning designer object, large toy, backrest or creative cushion – big aya adds a touch of style and individuality to any room. Enjoy the visual fascination and unique charm that big aya brings to your home.