little aya


handmade object with embroidery

single piece
long side: 17 cm
short side: 9 cm
filled with cotton wool

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of little aya – a member of the extraordinary species called Aya. With its mystical, unusual and yet familiar shape, it combines the characteristics of an enchanting creature and a unique art object.

Little aya can serve as an altar object, a fancy toy or simply as a fascinating decoration. The two sides are artfully embroidered with psychedelic patterns, whereas on the third side, shamanic drums decorate the object as an embroidery motif and awaken a spiritual energy.  The combination of high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship gives little aya a special value and appeal. Filled with soft cotton wool, little aya invites to be explored and held by the hands. For an additional touch of magic and mysticism, bright neon colours are used that unfold a fascinating luminosity in the black light. It’s special combination of aesthetic design and spiritual symbolism makes it a unique collector’s item or an extraordinary gift for people who appreciate the unusual and the spiritual.

In case the colours of the embroidery design do not match your preferences, we can make a new little aya especially for you with your favourite colours. Just write us!